Cassandra’s story

YMCA Cheltenham Cassandra's Story

Being a young girl of 18 and homeless did scare me, not knowing what was going to happen. This wasn’t the first time I became homeless and the thought of going back into a B&B again wasn’t an option.

I was stuck. The embarrassment of my situation made me hesitant to tell anyone, let alone ask for a bed for the night. I decided that I couldn’t stay with my friends as it wasn’t their problem and it also wasn’t fair on them.  I didn’t know what to do; I really couldn’t face sleeping on a park bench or even going to a grotty B&B.

Then someone suggested YMCA in Cheltenham.  I turned up for a housing meeting and loved the place, everyone was so kind and nice and they offered me a place and I took it.  So much has happened since then, it has been incredible.

“Being a resident at the YMCA has benefited me in so many ways that I couldn’t even imagine….”

* Name changed to protect identity